D2C Brand Marketing Executive

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社名 外資ペット向け消費財メーカー 求人番号: NJB2084587

【Job Purpose/Overview】
This role has the responsibility to nurture loyal customers of D2C (TOP) by providing unique channel experience as ‘Tripartite Online Platform’ with omni channel approach involving partner prescribers (pet shop breeder groomer veterinarians) and premium brand experience with quality service level throughout their shopping journey across online/offline. This role also has the responsibility to
improve UX/UI of D2C (TOP) for all the visitors to realize smooth shopping experience and premium brand experience.

【Key Responsibilities】
・ Lead planning and execution of T L initiative to develop omni based health service or pet tech health service by collaborating with x pillar (SPT R/PRO/VETS) and internal/external stakeholders with strong leadership and process management
・ Launch and manage SNS channels (LINE Instagram etc) as new service platform by collaborating with external agency and internal stakeholders
・ Enhance loyalty program (subscription/point program/MA) of D2C (TOP) to drive repeat purchase and nurture loyal customers by providing differentiated brand/channel experience vs. E com by closely collaborating with data CRM manager
・ Have deep understanding of brand (philosophy mission value product) and target pet owner insights and behavior through data analysis and researches to develop plan and communication which enables emotional bonding between brand and loyal customers
・ Improve UX/UI of D2C (TOP) not only for better usability to purchase product and receive service but also for enhancing premium brand experience as a total experience through online/offline including brand site (RC.com) by closely collaborating with D2C acceleration executive and integrated brand activation executive
・ Analysis of customer and sales data to identify opportunity and improve efficiency of CRM programs
・ Manage customer service vendor and improve operation efficiency while keeping quality service level as premium brand channel
・ Manage allocated A CP( Advertise and consumer promotion) /OVH (Overhead :vender management) in the planning of each project and initiative

【Context and Scope】
TOP will serve an Omni channel retail experience in health nutrition for cats and dogs behind the RC global pet owner journey and e commerce operating principles. This role drives sales of TOP further by nurturing loyal customers implementing omni based health se


1. Education Professional Qualification
・Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification
・Business English TOEIC 800+ (need frequent communication in English with Campus and APAC region)
・At least 5 year experience in marketing (FMCG marketing experience in multi national company is preferred)
2. Knowledge/Experience
・Experience of digital CRM (MA by e mail/LINE operation and management of SNS account (LINE/Instagram/Facebook etc)
・Experience of managing and directing external agency
・Preferred to have the experience of UX/UI improvement of online platform

Key Supporting Competencies
・ Action Oriented
・ Priority Setting
・ Functional/Technical Skills
・ Peer Relationships
・ Customer Focus
・ Process Management
Key Functional Competencies Technical Skills
・ Digital CRM planning execution including MA and SNS operation
・ Data analysis and research
・ Basic knowledge of UX/UI

語学力 英語力:中級
勤務地 東京都
年収 700万円 - 850万円 ※求人案件に合う方には年収詳細をお伝えすることが可能です。
雇用形態 無期雇用


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